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What is INPP?
What is Developmental Delay?
How is that first year of life linked to my child's difficulties today?
Sound Therapy:
What is Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation (JIAS)?
How JIAS Works
Who can benefit from JIAS?
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Sarah Marshall
M.A. Hons (Psych)
Neuro Developmental Therapist (INPP)
Sound Therapist (JIAS)


Please call Sarah direct on (968) 97259948 to arrange an initial consultation.

Once completed, the following questionniares play a part in the initial screening process and will provide Sarah with additional information should you proceed to the initial assessment.

You can download a copy of the questionnaire here:
 INPP Childrens Questionnaire
 JIAS Listening Questionnaire

Please return the completed questionnaire to: info@sarahmarshall.co.uk